What is a Refurbished Computer

Refurbished Computers in South Africa. A refurbished computer/ laptop does not necessarily mean a used computer. Most of these refurbished computers were returned by customers and the store can no longer sell the unit as brand new. The reason could be because the customer changed his mind and want a different model or the customer just want different specs.
It could also mean that the unit did not pass the quality test performed so it was rebuilt instead. Usually, there could be minor defects during the test, so they had to take the unit apart and replace some parts.

Advantages of purchasing Refurbished Computers/ Laptops/ Servers

1. Cheaper Than Brand New Models

If you’re familiar with technology, you know that brand new models are being released just months after the last one. Refurbished computers are considered almost new models, but you don’t have to pay the price tag of a “brand new” unit. If you need to buy for the whole office, you’ll definitely save a ton of money.

2. Better quality

When you buy a brand new desktop or laptop, know that it has not undergone extreme tests, unlike refurbished units. Refurbished units need to be tested so that store owners are sure that the units will perform just as well as brand new ones or even better. Refurbished Computers in South Africa

Brand new computers could have computer problems that the manufacturer did not detect because they mass produce them. On the other hand, these refurbished computers are meticulously rebuilt by IT experts.

refurbished computers in south africa

4. Refurbished Computers Are Available In Different Operating Systems

When you buy a brand new computer, sometimes, you cannot choose which operating system you can use. The OS is pre-installed by the manufacturer and you have to buy another OS if you wish you change it.

If you’re used to a particular operating system, you can still use it when you buy refurbished computers. You can choose if you want Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows 10. Windows 10 is more popular right now compared to the other two.